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englishRhythmic Gymnastics Club in Přerov

It was as early as in 1952 when Mrs Zlata Koukalová the dancing-school teacher founded the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club in Přerov. She trained clever and hard-working young girls and they successfully took part at variety of gymnastic competitions and public gymnastic displays.
Six years later, in 1976 a new sports section, namely the Section in Modern Gymnastics at TJ Spartak Přerovské strojírny was founded with the aim to promote mass-modern gymnastic development. It is important to mention that within that era the current trainers got active motional training with the assistance and under the eyes of Zlata Koukalová. Later Mrs Vlasta Machovská and then Jarmila Heviánková were the Presidents of the Modern Gymnastic Sports Section. At present Iva Otáhalová is the rhythmic club chairwoman.

In the last years of the 2Oth century our most successful era started. Since then not only the participation at top-class competitions has increased, but primarily the girls´ performances growth have fulfilled our aim. During the floods in 1997 and 2010 almost all our equipment and accessories were destroyed along with our gymnastic carpet. With the financial and material support from parents, sponsors and the Přerov Town Council our gymnastic club could again continue in its activity only about a half of year after the destructive water attack.

Even though there is no such a possibility to use professional base advantages in our sports club, we are devoted to give physical training to all members and we particularly provide the best care to the most gifted girls to achieve their goals.

The new mirror ballet hall establishing became the breakthrough in our activity in May 2010 and since then our club has taken advantage of complete background in Sports hall TJ Spartak Přerov where gymnastic exercises have been practiced. The same year, in December the Czech Championship in Team of Competitors in Rhythmic Gymnastics was held in this sports centre.

Every year our sports club succeeds in organizing international cup competitions, championships and other sports events. Our gymnasts representing the club and the town of Přerov have been successful abroad as well and the most distant venue where the gymnasts took part was a gymnastics competition in Israel.

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2.6.2019 - MČR KPMG Dubňany u Kyjova

II. kategorie KP
1. místo: Adéla Baranovská, SK MG Břeclav - 23,55
2. místo: Lada Šťovíčková, SC Líšeň - 22,25
3. místo: Sára Jankajová, TJ VS Praha - 22,20
4. místo: Monika Tomečková, TJ Spartak Přerov - 22,10

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18.5.2019 a 19.5.2019 - MČR Jablonec nad Nisou

kategorie naděje mladší
1. místo: Dita Pejchová, SK MG Vysočina Jihlava - 28,65
2. místo: Kristýna Gyulzadyan, SK TART MS Brno - 28,00
3. místo: Ilona Žurbenko, TJ SK Prague - 28,00
46. místo: Nela Hasoňová, TJ Spartak Přerov - 8,00

kategorie dorostenky
1. místo: Markéta Urbancová, SK TRASKO Vyškov - 27,00
2. místo: Kateřina Kocová, TJ Slavoj Plzeň - 26,90
3. místo: Nikola Paschová, SKP MG Brno - 26,70
19.  místo: Sára Zbožínková, TJ Spartak Přerov - 11,10


11.5.2019 - MČR kadetky mladší

kategorie kadetky mladší
1. místo: Tereza Procházková, SK MG Vysočina Jihlava - 30,30
2. místo: Natálie Šeďová, SK PROVO Brno - 30,00
3. místo: Adéla Nováková, TJ Sokol Hodkovičky - 28,10
11. místo: Eliška Zbožínková, TJ Spartak Přerov - 24,55


11.5.2019 - Májový pohár
KP - 2. kategorie    
1. místo: Baranovská Adéla, SK MG Břeclav - 22,75
2. místo: Šťovíčková Lada, SPORT CENTRUM Brno - 22,45
3. místo: Tomečková Monika, TJ Spartak Přerov - 22,30
18. místo: Ševčáková Terezie, TJ Spartak Přerov - 19,30
28. místo: Úrubková Tereza, TJ Spartak Přerov - 17,75
30. místo: Chatrná Veronika, TJ Spartak Přerov - 16,60

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